Tuesday, 25 January 2011

terbang lagi

aaaarrggghhh. i just have to write. i need to express my feelings. i need to let out my uneasiness. i need to let it all out. youd say, tell it to a friend. inda yo. if you must know im a private person. private katamu, its an open blog fgs! well, ill try to remain anonymous. so i can say whatever i want. if someone, anyone, happen to stumble across this blog, ya pasti ngak tau punya siapa ya. actually i dont mind people reading it. well, actually actually, i actually like it when people read it and people like it. usually people find it to be funny and entertaining. awu, i had a few blogs before. tapi.. malas ku sambung pasal its a long story which i will tell one day. maybe, if i feel like it. yea! i have new blog! and nobody knows about it. yea! so i can guring limpang blogging wHATEVER i want without thinking of anyones feeling. im free. im like a bird. i can fly again. eerr over nye mak. yea mak happy nyah. ok atu saja. ill come back next time.

and the url, it just popped. maybe subconsciously, i was hoping for maria to read my blog. ahak ahak. pasaaall?? antah. i think itd be nice. btw, hi maria, i like your singing.

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